Lieros represents the synthesis of original and innovative research around wine, winemakers, the evolution of oenology and the deep bond between producer and land.

It is a case of the indivisible union of goodwill and genuine passion, the fruit of careful research and study, happy and open to the future.

The child of many other stories that are naturally intertwined, from which emerge the splendid native vines of this area; each deserving of further recognition and protection, to be known for its quality, excellence in production and variety, as well as careful valuation and sustainability politics from the institutions.

Lieros is born of all this and more. It represents the goodwill of offering the public, even outside of national borders, a product that comes from indigenous vines, not found elsewhere and therefore utterly unique.


Isola dei Nuraghi IGT - Red

From carefully selected native red grapes.

Two years in barrels

16-18 °C

14% Vol.

Perfect with cheeses and red meats. Serve at cellar temperature.

Other information

Provenance:  From the sunniest vines in the Mandrolisai. Produced in the territory of Ortueri.

Age vines: 100 years

Vine training systemi
: Bush vine

Average yields: 50 ql/ha

Grape harvest: Early October

Production technique: harvested by hand in baskets to ensure an accurate selection of the best bunches of grapes. Grapes are quickly transported to the company cellars and crushed separately. Skins are left in contact with the must for about 21 days in stainless steel tins that are frequently replaced in a delestage or "rack-and-return" process. At the end of the fermenting process, the wine is poured into oak barrels where it is aged before being bottled.

Characteristics of the wine
: visually clear, ruby-red with garnet reflections, consistent. Its aroma is intense, complex and refined with fruity notes from small red and black fruits including berries, morello cherries, sour cherries and prunes (both ripe and preserved); spiced with vanilla, cinnamon, chinotto, tobacco, roasted coffee, light pepper and nutmeg; Mediterranean vegetal scents and scents of hay; and hints of graphite and eucalyptus. To taste it is dry, warm, savory, quite soft and fresh with a well-defined yet refined tannin. This great wine has a full body, is quite balanced and has a light sense of hardness due to its youth; intense with long-lasting flavour that allows its spicy and mineral notes to linger at the back of the throat and nose.

Production: 600 bottles

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