Innovation and Tradition

Today, wine and Sardinia are a pairing synonymous with quality all over the world. On our beautiful island there are certain areas where the great winemaking vocation takes our products to even higher levels of excellence. Among these areas is Ortueri, between the Barbagia and the Barigadu mountain regions, nestled in the highlands of the Mandrolisai. Thanks to the extraordinary climate, land and wine-producing history, Ortueri is among the best of Sardinian wine-making territories, gathering together the finest elements to create wines of stellar quality.

Prevalent vines are the Cannonau, the Bovale Sardo, the Monica and the Nasco. The nature of the land means our grapes are of exceptional quality. Each vine is cultivated with respect for the environment and yields only a few grapes, each rich in flavour and perfume, which give the wines strength, harmony and elegance, and bring to mind the warmth of the sun and the aromas of this land.

Ortueri, land of cork and wine, is a small village that dates from Medieval times, located in the heart of Sardinia within the sub-region of the Mandrolisai, on the western slopes of the Gennargentu mountains. Raimondo Bonu's words from 1974 beautifully capture the image of this unique place, one that "lies at the heart of a great crossroads at the southern end of the county, known as "Perda de Isteddu", the ideal pivot from which radiate numerous small valleys and highlands in all directions, each rich in names that recall the dead languages and the many civilisations that have developed on this land over more than 25 centuries." In fact, archaeological findings from the Ortueri territory demonstrate that humans have lived on this land since the late Neolithic period; the Domus de Janas caves and the Dolmens found in this area date from these ancient times. Unfortunately these are no longer open to the public as overuse of the land has led to their almost total destruction. However, for both the city of Ortueri and the rest of the island, archeological findings from the Nuragic Age are far more numerous and significant. These consist of various examples of simple Monotower Nuraghi, such as Leonai, Su Linnari, Ghenne and Giuncu, etc. 

When, in the early 11th Century, historical sources re-emerged and began to re-examine Sardinian history, the island was already divided into four independent states called Giudicati: Cagliari, Arborea, Loguduro and Gallura. In Giudicati times, Ortueri, falling within the bounds of the Mandrolisai, was part of Arborea, and participated in the important events that took place around the state. Following the collapse of the Giudicati, during the Savoy period, Ortueri became part of the San Martino county, in the fiefdom of the Valentinos until 1821, when it became part of the Ortisano province. Only in 1838 was it freed from feudal dependence. Eventually, in 1927, when the province of Nuoro was established, Ortueri became a part of it.

The presence of these constructions bears witness to the fact that Ortueri territory was inhabited by a Nuragic community that took advantage of its pastures, forests and land for cultivation.

During the Roman period, these same areas were extended with the development of various micro-settlements that were typical in these times. These settlements were fairly modest and centered around then newly-constructed rustic villas that were home to the manager of the estate. With the fall of the Roman Empire, after a brief period of occupation by the Vandals, Sardinia came under Byzantine rule. Presumably somewhere around the end of the first millenium, as in other parts of the island, the sparse nuclei of settlements around the territory disappeared in favour of a central city, which stood where Ortueri is today. The first mention of the village is found in the Condaghe di Bonacardo (written between 1120 and 1246).

Text taken from Dott.ssa Lidia Puddu and Dott.ssa Annalisa Pusceddu's thesis, with their kind permission.

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